love & other manias 2012


105 Mins | GB | English | Polish

An experimental documentary portrait of Malga Kubiak

The story of an eccentric and sexually ambitious performer and underground filmmaker.

Originally from Poland, Kubiak has lived and worked in Sweden since the 1980s. Through interviews with her and former employees in her film and performance projects, family members, ex-lovers, muses and actors forms a lively and critical analysis of Kubiak’s life and work.

Woven together are a variety of excerpts from previous films and performances of the artist as well as the often eccentric observation of her difficult and claustrophobic relationship with her mother.

In this way past and present mix until they are inseparable. Atmosphere and moral concepts of the 70s and 80s can be clearly felt in the film. Also visible are the expressions of Kubiak’s extremely complex psyche and her sexuality.

And no film about the artist would be complete without a healthy dose of anarchy!

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Premiered at
International Film Festival, Berlin

Documentary Prize.

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